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Welcome to Room 8
Ratio 1:6
Class Email:
These are your teachers:
Mary-McDonald-670x1024      Andrea-Davis-671x1024
         Ms. Mary                              Ms. Andrea
Here are your classmates:
Sadie, Ellie, Oliver, Sophia, Eloise, Sonny, Will, Abigail, Charlotte, Evan, Colin, Reicher,Connor
And special announcements:
We are Ms. Mary & Mrs. Andrea and we are so excited to be your child’s teachers this year! This year is an important transition as well as an exciting one for your child: over the course of the year we will learn more about the independence your child is gaining and focus on their individual personalities and talents that are starting to shine. This will be done through shaping their minds educationally, biblically, and creatively. It is our goal this year to spark a love for learning that will carry with them when they leave this classroom.

Our philosophy for learning is that each child is unique learns in their own different way. We make it our mission to assist your child in discovering and growing in their own individual learning style. We believe in hands- on experiences, learning creatively, and learning through play.