Welcome to Room 3
Ratio 1:6
Class Email: room3@cpumc.org
These Are Your Teachers: Picture-Alejandra
Special Announcements:
Welcome to a new school year in Room 3! I am so excited to help your little loved ones grow each and every day, both physically and mentally. This year I will be working on multiple ways to help your children expand their minds and grasp new tasks; things like letter and sound recognition ( such as identifying familiar sounds we hear every day), colors, shapes, objects, counting, motor skills, and most importantly, socializing and sharing.
About The Teacher: Ms. Cynthia
This is Ms. Cynthia's first year at the CDC and has over 10 years of experience working with young children and has her DCF staff credentials, and is also in school for her CDA. Ms. Cynthia is originally from New York and is fluent in Spanish. She has two children, a boy whose 6, and a girl whose 9.