Welcome to Room 11
Ratio 1:15
Class Email: room11@cpumc.org
These Are Your Teachers:
2016 Lori     Lellanny
              Ms. Lori                                    Ms. Lellanny
Special Announcements:
We are so excited to be working with your children this year. During your child's time in our classroom they will learn how to develop pre-writing skills, identify and associate letter and numbers, and explore their fine motor skills. Your child will receive love and support from both of us in the process. 


About The Teacher: Ms Lori
Ms. Lori is in her 13th year of teaching preschool. She has studied and worked in many different fields such as law and medicine. However, she always comes back to teaching because that is where her heart is. Lori previously worked as an EMT, a Medical Assistant and also studied Child Psychology. These positions have guided her through this wonderful learning experience and prepared her to be the best Early Childhood Educator she can be! Lori was born in Boston and lived in South Florida for many years before calling Central Florida her home. She is married, and has two amazing children, ages 12 and 13. Lori is very excited to be part of CPUMC and is eager to watch our school grow.
About The Teacher: Ms. Lellanny
Ms. Lellany has been with the CDC since February 2016. She majored in psychology and continues to pursue her degree in the educational field. She has worked as a psych tech in a facility with children before coming to the CDC to continue working and gaining knowledge in her field. She was born and raised in Miami with an incredibly close family who call her daily.