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Welcome to Room 103
Ratio 1:15
Class Email:
These are your teachers:
     Ms. Bridget                                Mr. Ryan
Here are your classmates:
Liam, Claire, Makenzie, Cameron, Raina, Emma, Rose, Aidan
And special announcements:

I am Ms. Gorman  and I am  so excited to have you in our class this year. This is going to be an exciting year for your child as we all work together to prepare them for Kindergarten. Throughout the school year we will work on developing independence skills, letter comprehension and sounds, and pre-reading skills with the introduction of sight words. We will refine early math skills with shapes and patterns, sequencing, number recognition up to 30, and counting consecutively to 100. Our science lessons will involve exploring all of God’s creation and how we behave socially; and so much more. 

Our goal is to have your child’s educational experience be a fun and exciting one, helping to build their confidence and encourage their desire to learn.