Welcome to Room 103
Ratio 1:15
Class Email: room103@cpumc.org
These Are Your Teachers:
                              Ms. Bridget                                
Special Announcements:
I am so excited to have you in our class this year. This is going to be an exciting year for your child as we all work together to prepare them for Kindergarten. Throughout the school year we will work on developing skills of independence, comprehension of letters and their sounds, pre-reading skill sand the introduction of sigh words. We will work on early math skills with shapes and patterns, sequencing, number recognition up to 30, counting consecutively to 100. In science we will focus on all of God's creatures and how we behave socially: and so much more. The goal is to foster a fun, exciting, and educational experience for your child- helping to build their confidence and encourage their desire to learn.
About Your Teacher: Ms. Gorman
Ms. Gorman has been teaching children for over 21 years. She graduated from State University of New York with an Associate Degree; majoring in recreational leadership. She also has a Childcare Development Specialist Certificate, from Orlando Tech Florida Dept. of Education. She has worked in Zambia, Africa, building a school and teaching but for the last 4 years she has been a Pre-K teacher here at the College Park United Methodist Church Child Development Center.