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Welcome to Room 102
Ratio 1:15
Class Email:
These are your teachers:
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            Ms. Kari                                 Ms. Whitney
Here are your classmates:
Taylor, Sagers, Emily, Chloe, Olivia, Mallory, Blakely, Caleb, Ella
And special announcements:
We are Ms. Kari and Ms. Whitney and we are so excited to be preparing your children for Kindergarten this year! This is a very exciting transition in your child’s life as they embark upon new adventures in the world of learning! During your child’s time in our classroom, they will learn valuable kindergarten tools such as alphabet recognition and writing, sight word recognition, problem solving skills, and so much more. We hope to make your child’s Pre-K experience a fun and exciting one, and we hope to instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime!
We believe each child is completely unique in their character, and in their learning styles. One of our jobs as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside them to maximize it. Here at the CDC, we believe in hands-on experience, learning creatively, and learning through play.