Welcome To Room 1
Ratio 1:6
Class Emaill: room1@cpumc.org
These Are Your Teachers:
Nelky-Vazquez-671x1024 2016 Ornella
          Ms. Nelky                           Ms. Ornella 
 Special Announcements:
Dear Parents, Welcome to Room 1! This is an important and exciting time of transition for your child. Over the course of the year we will learn more about the independence your child is gaining while focusing on their individual personalities and talents. We will continue to build upon the skills and principles your child has already acquired, while adding a few more! During your child's time in our room, we will be working on developing social skills, learning colors, shapes, numbers, and we will even begin the potty training process. It is our goal to foster a love for learning that will carry with them when they leave this classroom. Our philosophy for learning is that each is unique, and each child learns in a different way. One of our jobs as teachers is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside them to maximize it. We believe in hands-on experiences, learning creatively and learning through play. We are really looking forward to a fun-filled and educational year!
About The Teacher: Mrs. Nelky
I am Mrs. Nelky and this is my eighth year teaching at the CDC. I have been working with children for 29 years. I have my Child Development Associate Credential, VPK certification, and my CPR certificate and speak both English and Spanish. I continue to pursue my education classes beyond the required 45 DCF hours and attend the annual FLAYEYC conference. In my free time i enjoy traveling to Puerto Rico with my husband Joe, our son, grandson and granddaughter. I also love the beach!
About The Teacher: Ms. Ornella
I am Ms.Ornella and i have been with the CDC since July 2016. I was born in Italy and raised in Miami. Throughout my life i have managed to learn to speak fluently in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French. I gained knowledge and experience in teaching while volunteering for two years at an elementary school in Miami. I lived in France, teaching English at an International school for two years, but moved to Orlando to continue my education at UCF, in order to gain my Bachelors in teaching. I enjoy drawing in my free time and likes to inspire children to be creative.