The forms below can be submitted any of four ways:

 Delivered in person at the CDC office.

Mailed in to the CDC at 644 W. Princeton St Orlando, FL, 32804.

Faxed in to the CDC at (407)841-6070.

Emailed in to the CDC at *

*If you choose to download a form to submit digitally, please feel free to look through our trouble shooting directions below.

1.     Click on the form you would like to submit; it will open in a new window.

2.     Download the form as a PDF by clicking the download icon on the top right hand side of the upper tool bar.  The icon should look like a piece of paper with a downward arrow.

3.     In the pop up, choose the “Open with Adobe Reader” option and click “OK.”

4.     Use the “Save As” option to save the document as a PDF titled with your child's first and last name.

5.     Click the “Add Text” button located on the upper tool bar; it should be the third icon on the left that looks      like a pencil on paper.

6.     Click “Add Text” in the right side bar that should pop up.

7.     Click on the area you wish to type and fill in the appropriate information.

8.     Save the document again.

9.     Attach the PDF file in an email to with the title of the document and your child's name (ex. John Smith's Waiting List Application).